Sunday breakfast

Hey there,

Hope you are having a fantastic morning and enjoying some fresh coffee.

Some people like to have their breakfast in their bed. I´ve never been one of those people.

On Sundays I like to get up early and go out for a nice breakfast. Usually some sort of cold pressed juice, a latte or cappuccino and eggs. Yes, I like a proper breakfast with toast and eggs. Now, having said that, you might take a look at these photos and noticed there´s no avocado toast, no eggs, nothing! Well, let me tell you a funny story…

My friend Karen and I wanted to meet here for breakfast. We got in and realised everything is sweet: cakes and macaroons. It might look super pretty but that food was not going to fuel out bodies! So we crossed the road to find another place where Karen had benedict eggs and I had avocado on toast, that was a proper way to start the day!

Then, we came back to this pretty-pink-instagrammable place for a coffee and some and to take some pictures of course. What can I say…, after all, it´s a pretty place.

We´ll do everything for the gram. But guys, we won´t do that to our Sunday breakfast ritual.

I also like that feeling when it´s still early morning, you´ve got your breakfast already and you are ready to hit the streets. Usually I walk around and check little shops, or go to a market. I love that idea of having the whole day ahead for yourself.

Tell me about you, are you a breakfast-in-bed person?


Hope you like it!










Dress: Glamourous

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bag: Coccinelle

Leopard printed shoes

Hey there,

We´ve seen everyone wearing leopard print patterns all over Instagram now, from the Réalisation skirt to kaftans for the beach. But all that is pretty summery and predictive.

Want to know what´s going to be the most instagrammable pattern next season? The color leopard print! At least that’s what Jimmy Choo thinks…, and we don´t want to tell him otherwise, do we? 

The good thing about these heels is that they are nothing like you have already, you can wear them all year long and they are now on sale! Sounds to me like the perfect time to treat yourself that special pair of shoes! ´Cause we all know that every woman must have a pair of black stilettos, a pair of nude pumps and a special pair, could that be special for its color, pattern, material or details. 

What do you think of these shoes? Do you have all three pair of shoes in your wardrobe already? 

Ya hemos visto todas las posibilidades del estampado leopardo esta temporada en Instagram, desde la falda de Réalisation hasta el kaftan para ir a la playa.

Pero el verano acabará pronto y no podremos llevar estas prendas tan predecibles hasta el próximo año.

¿Qué pasaría si te dijera que hay una nueva prensa y estampado que vas a poder llevar todo el año? Son estos preciosos zapatos de Jimmy Choo.

Todos sabemos que el perfecto armario de una mujer tiene que incluir un par de zapatos negros, un par de color nude y otro par con un toque especial, que puede ser porque el estampado sea diferente, el color o el material sean llamativos o tenga algún otro detalle que lo haga especial.

Pues bien, estos zapatos son justo ese par especial que necesitas en tu armario. Seguro que no son nada parecidos a los que ya tienes, son bastante cómodos porque se amoldan perfectamente al pie y ahora están de rebajas! No se me ocurren más razones para invertir en ese perfecto par de zapatos especial!

¿Qué os parecen los zapatos? ¿Ya tenéis los tres pares de zapatos en nuestro armario?


Hope you like it!










Shirt: Jetti 

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bag: Coccinelle