Cook with me: Veggie Rolls

Hey there,

Today we bring you this super refreshing recipe, which is just perfect for those summer days. Rice rolls filled with yummy fruits and veggies.

Hoy os traemos una receta súper refrescante y perfecta para el verano. Rollitos de arroz rellenos de frutas y verduras frescas.



The main ingredients here are the paper wraps, which are available just about anywhere. Other than that, get as many fruits and/or veggies as you like. You can also go for a dipping sauce, which can work wonders if properly combined with the filling. This time, however, we took the easy route and just went with some store-bought hot sauce and mango chutney.

Los ingredientes necesarios son rollitos/wrappers de arroz, disponibles en casi todos los supermercados, y las frutas y/o verduras que más os apetezcan. También podéis complementar con salsas. Normalmente os recomendaría que las hicieseis caseras, pero por limitaciones de tiempo nosotros esta vez nos decantamos por comprarlas directamente.


First step is prepping your fruits and veggies. Just julienne the crap out of them and get everything ready for assembly time.

Lo primero es preparar los ingredientes. Corta todo en juliana y sepáralo en cuencos para poder armar los rollos con facilidad.


For the assemble you’ll need to have all your ingredients at hand, a container with some water (a pie dish works great for this), a damped towel or damped cutting board, and a place to put the rolls once they are ready. But be careful where you put them. These rolls are super sticky and fragile and, if they get stuck to a surface, can easily break when picking them up.

Para poder empezar a armar los rollitos, vas a necesitar tener todos tus ingredientes a mano, un recipiente con agua en el que quepan las hojas de arroz, un paño húmedo o una tabla de cocina húmeda, y un sitio donde poner los rollitos una vez estén armados, teniendo en cuenta que son súper pegajosos y frágiles.

So, once you’re all set to go, just take one rice wrapper and submerge it in water for about 10-15 seconds. Then, place it in the damped towel/cutting board and throw some fruits and veggies on top. If you want, you can be all cute about it and place them so that the roll will be all pinterest-ready once it’s rolled.

Cuando tengas todo listo, coge una hojita de arroz y métela en el agua unos 10-15 segundos. De ahí, ponla en el paño o la tabla húmeda y échale todos tus ingredientes encima.


Lastly, don’t put way too much stuff in them, and roll them like you would do with a burrito.

Por último, recuerda no pasarte con la cantidad de comida que pones dentro del rollito, y enróllalo como si fuese un burrito.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Now it’s time for you to get out there and try to do some sh!t with this. Just remember that you can do whatever the f*ck you want with them; use just fruits and serve them as a dessert, just with veggies as an appetizer, have them raw, bake them, deep fry them… twist them however you want, as long as you have fun doing so.

Espero que os animéis a probar y experimentar con todo lo que se puede sacar de estos rollitos. Podéis hacerlos solo con fruta, con verduras, crudos, al horno, al vapor, pasados por huevo y fritos, etc.


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