Sunday breakfast

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Hope you are having a fantastic morning and enjoying some fresh coffee.

Some people like to have their breakfast in their bed. I´ve never been one of those people.

On Sundays I like to get up early and go out for a nice breakfast. Usually some sort of cold pressed juice, a latte or cappuccino and eggs. Yes, I like a proper breakfast with toast and eggs. Now, having said that, you might take a look at these photos and noticed there´s no avocado toast, no eggs, nothing! Well, let me tell you a funny story…

My friend Karen and I wanted to meet here for breakfast. We got in and realised everything is sweet: cakes and macaroons. It might look super pretty but that food was not going to fuel out bodies! So we crossed the road to find another place where Karen had benedict eggs and I had avocado on toast, that was a proper way to start the day!

Then, we came back to this pretty-pink-instagrammable place for a coffee and some and to take some pictures of course. What can I say…, after all, it´s a pretty place.

We´ll do everything for the gram. But guys, we won´t do that to our Sunday breakfast ritual.

I also like that feeling when it´s still early morning, you´ve got your breakfast already and you are ready to hit the streets. Usually I walk around and check little shops, or go to a market. I love that idea of having the whole day ahead for yourself.

Tell me about you, are you a breakfast-in-bed person?


Hope you like it!










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OneOcean Club Barcelona

Hey there,

Today we are going back in time to remember the last time I was in Barcelona. It was a weekend getaway to visit some friends who live there. I literally got off the plane on a Friday night, took a quick shower and got dressed to go out. We had dinner at OneOcean Club Barcelona, which was extremely good! 

There were scallops on the menu so of course I had to have those as a starter. After that I had some sushi and I topped it off with brownie. Everything was superb. 

We also had a few drinks there and then head to the W Hotel to enjoy the views and party a bit. 

If you are going to Barcelona, I would highly recommend you to try this place. From the food, to the music, the service and the aesthetic of the place, OneOcean Club won´t disappoint! 



Hoy echo de menos mi tierra, España, y mis amigos, y recuerdo lo bien que lo pasé un fin de semana del año pasado en Barcelona, visitando a dos amigas. Fue llegar un viernes después de trabajar, y ducharme y arreglarme súper rápido para salir!

Cenamos en OneOcean Club, donde ninguna de las tres habíamos estado antes y fue espectacular.

Siempre que hay vieiras en el menú, no me puedo resistir y siempre acabo pidiendo eso como entrantes, estaban riquísimas! Después pedí algo de sushi y rematamos con un brownie delicioso.

Después de la cena, aprovechamos para tomar unas copas en la terraza, antes de ir al Hotel W a seguir de fiesta y disfrutar la vista desde lo alto.

Si tenéis planeado un viaje a Barcelona pronto, definitivamente os recomiendo visitar OneOceanClub, os encantará! Desde su comida, el servicio, la música y la estética del lugar, todo está cuidado hasta el mínimo detalle.


Hope you like it!











Dandelyan Bar

Hey there,

Tomorrow is Thursday, AKA Thirsty Thursday, yay!

Here’s a cool place for drinks if you want to try something new, the Dandelyan Bar at the Mondrian Hotel. It’s in Southbank by the Thames, where you can get a gorgeous view of the St. Paul’s cathedral.

The ambience is cool and the drinks are to die for!

Hope you like it!



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Shirt: H&M

Cape: Mango

Clutch: Dior

Street XO London

Hey there,

Today’s post is for the foodies, for those whose mouth starts watering whenever they see food, no matter if it’s french fries or the most exquisite dish from a Michelin starred restaurant. I’m with you!

StreetXO is the first London restaurant by Dabiz Muñoz, the wild Spanish chef whose dishes are all to die for. He started his career in London learning from some of the greatest chefs from Hakaksan and Nobu. After opening two restaurants in Madrid, he decided it was time to open one in London in November 2016.

You should note I went to this restaurant a few months back and they have recently changed their menu. I’m sure the new one is as good as they one I tried and I can´t wait to check it out!

La ‘Pedroche’ croquettes are the best croquettes I’ve ever tried! it’s the chef’s sweet tribute to his wife.

The lasagna was also excellent and like no other I’ve tried before. It’s definitely not a typical lasagna you would find in a regular Italian.

Scallops, where to start here…, my favourite! Every time I go to a restaurant and they have scallops, I can’t resist but to try them. This was of course extraordinary as well.

And if you have followed me for a while or know me well enough, you’ll know I’m not a fan of desserts, but this cheesecake was something else!





Remember you can check what my favourite places to eat in London and around the world are on my Instagram.

Hope you like it!


Afternoon Tea at Searcys

Hey there,

Who doesn’t like a proper afternoon tea?

Since I came to London three years ago, I have embraced their tea culture more and more. Before that, I wouldn’t drink tea at all, only on rare occasions. Now, I drink tea almost every day! I guess I’m becoming more British in a way.

Here I’m sharing today some photos of the last afternoon tea that I had at Searcys. It was a champagne afternoon tea so as well as our choice of tea we had a bubbly glass 🙂 Mine was a Kirk royale and my friend’s Eva was a mimosa.

I don’t have a sweet tooth so what I liked the most were the sandwiches and the scones – I do love scones!

What about you? Do you like afternoon tea?

Hope you like it!









Sketch London 

Hey there,

Today’s post is about the famous pink restaurant in London. You’ve guessed it right, Sketch! This instagrammable place with pink seats. But that’s not all it has to offer. I was impressed by the food! Once you go to the most popular dining places in London, soon you realize they have very similar dishes, but this place was something else. 

As a starter I had  ‘chantilly lace’: black rice, basmati rice, lobster bisque, red pepper and wasabi. It was really delicious. What what impressed me the most was the main course I had: the ‘whole-roasted Challans duck’, which is for two people to share and includes two services. Once the duck is cooked they bring it to your table and show it to you before they prepare your plate. The first one was aiguilettes (thin slices) in a black currant sauces with autumn fruits. The second services was ‘choux farci’ duck tights and chicory salad. And I also had to have some French fries as a side, of course! 

Check all the food and the gorgeous space by yourself, I’m sure it won’t take long to add this place to your list! 

Hope you like it!


´La Trastienda´, comida criolla en Lima

Hey there,

La Trastienda is a restaurant of comida criolla. You can tell Perú has a mix of different cultures and influences from four continents by its diverse cuisine. As a result, Peruvian cuisine has always been changing and nowadays it is hugely appreciated and widely recognized. Perú is fusion, Perú is tasteful.

El post de hoy se centra en el restaurante “La Trastienda”, en Lima, Perú. Está situado en el barrio de Barranco, en el circuito de la Costa Verde, concretamente en Bajada de los baños 343.

La Trastienda es un restaurante de comida criolla. Perú tiene una mezcla de culturas e influencia de cuatro continentes que se puede apreciar en su cocina y en sus sabores. Como resultado, su cocina siempre ha estado evolucionando y a día de hoy goza de una gran reputación internacional. Perú es fusión, Perú es sabor.


The restaurant offers a buffet service with fresh products and high quality fish.

El restaurante tiene un servicio de buffet con productos frescos y pescado exquisito.


This is the choclo (corn) pie, they had as a starter. It was mashed sweet corn with a delicious sauce.

Este es el pastel de choclo (maíz) que ofrecían como uno de los entrantes. Estaba mezclado con una base de puré y una salsa riquísima.


The second starter we had was a shrimp cocktail with some corn and avocado, all covered on pink sauce.

El segundo entrante que elegimos fue un cocktail de gambas, acompañado con maíz y palta (aguacate), bañado en salsa golf (así es como llaman a la salsa rosa).


Our last starter was this salmon tiradito, thin and fresh slices of salmon topped with avocado and sweet potato, all covered by tiger milk. But for me the best part is to have the leche de tigre once I´ve finished the plate. Leche de tigre is the natural sauce of ceviche, and you add to that white wine, vodka or pisco, green chili pepper, salt and black pepper. Mmm…., my favorite!

El último entrante fue tiradito de salmón, mi favorito, bañado en leche de tigre, que me encanta. Pescado bien fresco, suave, coronado con daditos de aguacate y camote (batata). Después de devorar el tiradito de salmón, para mí lo más rico es tomarme la leche de tigre a cucharadas. Mmm…, ¡me encanta!


The restaurant has two floors and a terrace with stunning views to the sea.

El restaurante cuenta con dos pisos y una terraza con vistas al mar.


This is one of the main dishes in the fusion Peruvian cuisine that can be found in many restaurants nowadays. It is the new version of a traditional dish, which was made of beef, white rice and fries. Now, the modern version is made with quinoa with cheese instead of rice, and there are no fries, just onions and peppers. Amazing. Definitely as must-try and a star dish on the Peruvian cuisine.

Este es una de los platos estrella de la comida fusión criolla que ahora encuentras en muchos restaurantes, lomo saltado con quinoa (la receta original lleva arroz en vez de quinoa y también se añaden patatas fritas). Esta sería la versión refinada del plato tradicional. Lomo, quinoa con queso, cebollita, pimiento. Espectacular.


In Perú it´s not unusual to see duck dishes in the menu of the restaurants. This is due to the influence from diverse cultures that are now part of Perú. There is a big influence from Asia and you can see that in the Peruvian cuisine. The Chinese cuisine is called “chifa” end this plate here is duck magret or magret de canard with chaufa rice (Chinese rice), usually fried rice with eggs and chives.

Debido a las influencia culturas dentro de la cocina peruana, es habitual encontrar platos con pato en muchos menús de los restaurantes, algo poco habitual en Europa. Esto es un margen de pato sobre arroz chaufa con salsa de tamarindo. El arroz chaufa es el arroz chino que se toma en Europa (al menos en España), al que se le puede añadir huevos revueltos, guisantes, cebollino, etc. En Perú hay mucha influencia asiática y la comida china se conoce como comida chifa.


Our last main dish was this big crab ravioli. It was just superb.

El último plato principal que pedimos fueron estos ravioles de cangrejo, simplemente espectacular.


I don´t have a sweet tooth so desserts are not really my thing, but had to try at least one. I usually like cheesecake son though I´d give that a try. It was supposed to come with berries but i think they run out of berries in the kitchen so they decided to covered the cake with these other fruits which i was´t sure what they were to be honest, but I did´t like them. But truth be told, I just took off that part and ate the rest of the cake which was yummy.

No soy una persona a la que le guste mucho el dulce, así que los postres no son mi debilidad, pero la tarta de queso normalmente me gusta así que tenía que probarla.

Creo que se debieron de quedar sin frutos rojos, como anunciaba el menú, y decidieron cubrir la tarta con otra fruta que no sé muy bien qué era, pero no me gustó. Eso sí, le quité la parte de arriba, y la base de la tarta estaba deliciosa.


Everything was superb. I will definitely recommend you to check out this place if you happen to be in Lima or if you are planning a trip there. I have tons of recommendations, and I´ll be happy to share those with you! Just drop me a comment here or on Instagram 🙂

“La Trastienda”, Bajada de los Baños 343, Barranco, Lima.

Comimos riquísimo aquí, sin duda recomiendo este restaurante a cualquiera que viva en Lima o que esté planeando un viaje allí. Tengo una lista con otras muchas recomendaciones. Déjame un comentario aquí o en Instagram y estaré encantada de compartirla contigo 🙂


Hope you like it!