Secret garden – Part II

Hey there, 

Happy Monday! Let´s start the week straight with good vibes only. This week for me is pretty good because it´s a short work week and because my mum is coming to London for two days. I´ll get to have dinner with her on Tuesday night, and Wednesday evening after work, I´m flying straight to NYC with my boyfriend. So yeah, pretty good week really.

What may not be that great will be next Monday actually. I´ll be landing in London at 7am, and going to the office after a quick stop home to get a shower. Oh, well, being a walking zombie next Monday for spending four days in NYC is a fair deal if you ask me.

Here´s the second part of the photoshoot Karen and I did at the end of the summer, seems it was ages ago. Me being in total peace at a secret garden space in the middle of the city. Just seeing green all over and pretty flowers without noticing what´s on my wider surroundings. I like to call it my little oasis.


Hope you like it!










All photos by Karen Lohana


Jeans: Topshop

Shirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Agnes B

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