Street XO London

Hey there,

Today’s post is for the foodies, for those whose mouth starts watering whenever they see food, no matter if it’s french fries or the most exquisite dish from a Michelin starred restaurant. I’m with you!

StreetXO is the first London restaurant by Dabiz Muñoz, the wild Spanish chef whose dishes are all to die for. He started his career in London learning from some of the greatest chefs from Hakaksan and Nobu. After opening two restaurants in Madrid, he decided it was time to open one in London in November 2016.

You should note I went to this restaurant a few months back and they have recently changed their menu. I’m sure the new one is as good as they one I tried and I can´t wait to check it out!

La ‘Pedroche’ croquettes are the best croquettes I’ve ever tried! it’s the chef’s sweet tribute to his wife.

The lasagna was also excellent and like no other I’ve tried before. It’s definitely not a typical lasagna you would find in a regular Italian.

Scallops, where to start here…, my favourite! Every time I go to a restaurant and they have scallops, I can’t resist but to try them. This was of course extraordinary as well.

And if you have followed me for a while or know me well enough, you’ll know I’m not a fan of desserts, but this cheesecake was something else!





Remember you can check what my favourite places to eat in London and around the world are on my Instagram.

Hope you like it!


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