Sketch London 

Hey there,

Today’s post is about the famous pink restaurant in London. You’ve guessed it right, Sketch! This instagrammable place with pink seats. But that’s not all it has to offer. I was impressed by the food! Once you go to the most popular dining places in London, soon you realize they have very similar dishes, but this place was something else. 

As a starter I had  ‘chantilly lace’: black rice, basmati rice, lobster bisque, red pepper and wasabi. It was really delicious. What what impressed me the most was the main course I had: the ‘whole-roasted Challans duck’, which is for two people to share and includes two services. Once the duck is cooked they bring it to your table and show it to you before they prepare your plate. The first one was aiguilettes (thin slices) in a black currant sauces with autumn fruits. The second services was ‘choux farci’ duck tights and chicory salad. And I also had to have some French fries as a side, of course! 

Check all the food and the gorgeous space by yourself, I’m sure it won’t take long to add this place to your list! 

Hope you like it!


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