Secret garden – Part II

Hey there, 

Happy Monday! Let´s start the week straight with good vibes only. This week for me is pretty good because it´s a short work week and because my mum is coming to London for two days. I´ll get to have dinner with her on Tuesday night, and Wednesday evening after work, I´m flying straight to NYC with my boyfriend. So yeah, pretty good week really.

What may not be that great will be next Monday actually. I´ll be landing in London at 7am, and going to the office after a quick stop home to get a shower. Oh, well, being a walking zombie next Monday for spending four days in NYC is a fair deal if you ask me.

Here´s the second part of the photoshoot Karen and I did at the end of the summer, seems it was ages ago. Me being in total peace at a secret garden space in the middle of the city. Just seeing green all over and pretty flowers without noticing what´s on my wider surroundings. I like to call it my little oasis.


Hope you like it!










All photos by Karen Lohana


Jeans: Topshop

Shirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Agnes B

A walk on the pier

Hey there,

It´s almost hump day, yay! 

Coat weather has finally arrived to London, but not long ago I took this lovely ruffle dress and my bare legs to a walk by South Bank.

It´s a great cute dress when you are bit bored of wearing your plain black dress. The ruffles and the print (flowers and dears if you look carefully!) give the dress that little twist. I added a statement belt on the waist to bring some shape to the body and make the dress stand out even more. 

As the pattern has some brown tones I opted for brown crocodile-effect shoes and bag.

What do you think of the combination? What accessories would you choose for this dress?

Un pasito más cerca de la mitad de la semana, sí!

En Londres ya ha llegado la hora de ponerse el abrigo, pero hace apenas dos semanas llevaba mi vestido nuevo de paseo por South Bank.

Los volantes y el estampado del vestido (flores y ciervos, que yo no vi al principio) le dan ese toque diferente. Perfecto cuando estás aburrida del típico vestido negro que tienes en tu armario. Además añadí un cinturón ancho para enmarcar la figura, que resultó mucho más favorecedor.

Como el estampado tiene algunos tonos marrones, decidí elegir zapatos y bolso marrones de efecto cocodrilo.

¿Qué te parece la combinación? ¿Qué complementos hubieras elegido tú para el vestido? 


Hope you like it!












All photos by Puja


Dress: Vero Moda

Belt: Maje

Shoes: Zara

Bag: vintage




Wella Hair

Hey there,

Hope you are having a great Tuesday, we are closer to the mid week.

Today´s post is about hair styling and I´ll show you some products that you would love. I already love the ones I´ve tried so far! 

Check out the fun video that I created with Karen´s help and that my cousin Mónica edited for me. Thanks ladies! 

These are the products from EIMI´s line from the last Wella´s collection. You can find more information about EIMI here

Cocktail Me: this gel oil enriched with gum polymers will leave you hair with great manageability, smoothness and long-lasting frizz- resistance.

Oil Spritz: very light styling oil-mist for an instant shine and antistatic effect. 

Ocean Spritz: this natural mineral salt spray is great to create undone beachy texture. It also helps protect hair against dehydration and UV damage.

Mystify me strong: Lightweight formula with extra-fine diffusion, for firm hold up to 24h, still easily brushed out

Are styling products a must-have for you? Which ones are your go-to products? 

Espero que estéis teniendo un martes estupendo, ya estamos más cerca del fin de semana!

El post de hoy es de productos de styling para el pelo de Wella, yo ya he usado un par y estoy encantada con ellos y deseando probar el resto!

Son productos de la línea EIMI de la nueva colección de Wella. Aquí podéis encontrar más información sobre EIMI.

También os traigo un vídeo muy divertido que podéis ver aquí.

Y para ti, ¿son importantes los productos de styling?, ¿cuáles utilizas normalmente?


Hope you like it!







All photos by Karen 




Flowers in autumn

Hey there,

Happy Friday! We´ve made it to the end of the work week! (at least for some).

I´m actually in Venice today so my Friday started yesterday 🙂

Since the last two years I´ve started adding flowers patterns to my wardrobe, season after season. It can be spring or winter, that I would buy a dress o shirts with flowers. 

I fell in love with this gorgeous dress when I first saw it online. It was this summer and it was on sale, so I had to have it! Now after a couple of months I´m wearing it for the first time and I´ve already received so many compliments. 

Do you have flowers in your wardrobe? Or prefer to leave those for the living room in a cute vase? 


Feliz viernes!

Yo estoy en Venecia disfrutando de un largo fin de semana que empieza ayer así que estoy súper contenta. Es una ciudad preciosa que me encanta y hace un día soleado impresionante.

Hace un par de años he ido añadiendo estampados con flores a mi armario, desde vestidos a camisas. No importa la época del año que sea, verano o invierno, que siempre encuentro algo nuevo de flores que me gusta.

Y este vestido lo vi online en las rebajas de verano y no pude resistirme!

Y a tí, ¿te gustan los estampados de flores? ¿O prefieres dejar las flores para el jarrón del salón?


Hope you like it!














All photos by Puja

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Prada

Bag: Chanel

Secret Garden – Part I

Hey there,

Happy Sunday!

I was feeling a bit nostalgic that summer is over already, so I found myself looking at summer pictures and realised I haven´t shared these ones with you!

All these photos were taken by Karen on a beautiful summer day in a terrace. I think they came out really cool, and the colours are so pretty.

Tell me, are you already missing summer as I am?

What picture do you like the most? 

Feliz domingo!

El otro día estaba un poco nostálgica y me puse a ver fotos del verano, que ya echo de menos! Y encontré estas fotos que tomó Karen y aún no había compartido con vosotros.

Un día de verano en Londres en una terraza con jardín y estas flores con colores espectaculares. Y tú, ¿también echas de menos el verano como yo?

¿Cuál es tu foto favorita?


Hope you like it!











All photos by Karen Lohana

Girl Boss

Hey there,

Happy Sunday! I know it´s a grey and rainy day in London but I hope you are having a good one.

There´s something about September that excites me. It´s a month for new beginnings.  To try new things, to create a better version of yourself and to be excited about what´s to come.

I still get excited to buy new notepads, planners, pens, etc., like a little kid. So I thought it would be the perfect time for some office style inspiration. Lately I´m wearing a lot of dresses. It saves me time as I find them easier to style, not having to think about combining two pieces like trousers and a top.

What about you? What´s your perfect office style?


Hope you like it!











All photos by Karen Lohana


Dress: Banana Republic

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bag: Michael Kors

Glasses: Moschino via Specsavers

Sunday breakfast

Hey there,

Hope you are having a fantastic morning and enjoying some fresh coffee.

Some people like to have their breakfast in their bed. I´ve never been one of those people.

On Sundays I like to get up early and go out for a nice breakfast. Usually some sort of cold pressed juice, a latte or cappuccino and eggs. Yes, I like a proper breakfast with toast and eggs. Now, having said that, you might take a look at these photos and noticed there´s no avocado toast, no eggs, nothing! Well, let me tell you a funny story…

My friend Karen and I wanted to meet here for breakfast. We got in and realised everything is sweet: cakes and macaroons. It might look super pretty but that food was not going to fuel out bodies! So we crossed the road to find another place where Karen had benedict eggs and I had avocado on toast, that was a proper way to start the day!

Then, we came back to this pretty-pink-instagrammable place for a coffee and some and to take some pictures of course. What can I say…, after all, it´s a pretty place.

We´ll do everything for the gram. But guys, we won´t do that to our Sunday breakfast ritual.

I also like that feeling when it´s still early morning, you´ve got your breakfast already and you are ready to hit the streets. Usually I walk around and check little shops, or go to a market. I love that idea of having the whole day ahead for yourself.

Tell me about you, are you a breakfast-in-bed person?


Hope you like it!










Dress: Glamourous

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bag: Coccinelle

Total White Look

Hey there,

Today it’s all about neutrals. White and brown combo, which I love but I don’t wear it enough.

I think it’s quite chic and yet super comfortable. If you think about it, I’m just wearing jeans and a t-shirt! But it’s all about the details. That brown leather belt with a golden bucket, the ruffles on the sleeves of the t-shirt, the wedges and the straw bag with the silk scarf on it, et voilà!

This works with any jeans and t-shirt combo, even if you wear sneakers! Give it a try and let me know what’s your favorite way to wear jeans and a t-shirt, I’d love to know!

Hoy toca un look de colores neutros, que me encantan pero no llevo tan a menudo como me gustaría.

Este look en concreto me parece muy chic y cómodo a la vez. En realidad es muy simple, son unos jeans y una camiseta, pero lo que eleva el look son los complementos: el cinturón de cuero con la hebilla dorada, los volantes en las mangas de la camiseta, las cuñas de esparto y el bolso de mimbre con el pañuelo de seda atado.

Esta combinación funciona con cualquier pantalón vaquero y camiseta, ¡incluso llevando zapatillas!

Hay mil posibilidades…, ¿cuál es tu favorita?


Hope you like it!












All photos by Karen Lohana

Jeans: Gap

Top: Banana Republic

Belt: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Coccinelle

It´s time for a new adventure!

Hey there,

Back from holidays only a few days ago and already thinking on my next getaway at the end of the week. 

Only this time my new awesome Gaston Luga will come with me. Full of excitement and hope. Energy and good vibes. And I´m sure it will come back full of great moments as well. 

Big enough to through in all the stuff I need: think laptop, notebook, a sweater and a scarf (we all know how cold a plane can be), and a small vanity case. 

I love it because its elegant design that goes with everything but yet its practical core. Forget about adjustable straps (of course I´d assume all backpacks have that by now), and think about its cotton and vegan leather material and its passport pocket. It is just what you need (at least it´s what I need not to be going through my bag three times to find my passport!). 

Check the different designs they´ve got on their website  and use my promotional code ´sortoffashion´ for a discount. 

Let your next adventure begin…

Safe travels!


Acabo de volver de vacaciones hace unos días y ya estoy pensando en mi próxima escapada, ¡no lo puedo evitar!

Pero esta vez me acompaña mi nueva Gaston Luga. Con tantas ganas de aventura como yo. Y seguro que vuelve llena de buenos momentos.

Es suficientemente grande para todo lo que necesito: portátil, libreta, un jersey y pañuelo (todos sabemos el frío helador que puede hacer en un avión), y un neceser.

Me encanta porque tiene un diseño elegante que va con todo, pero a la vez ¡es súper práctica! Olvídate de las asas ajustables (espero que todas las mochilas las tengan a estas alturas), y piensa en un material cien por cien algodón y cuero vegano, además de un bolsillo específico para el pasaporte (no sé tú, pero yo ya he perdido la cuenta de las veces que tengo que rebuscar en mi bolso para encontrarlo).

Echa un vistazo a los diferentes diseños que tienen en la web y no te olvides de usar mi descuento promocional ´sortoffashion´si tú también estás pensando en tu próxima escapada.

Comienza la aventura…

Buen viaje!


Hope you like it!











All photos by Karen Lohana

Backpack: Gaston Luga

Promo code: sortoffashion

Leopard printed shoes

Hey there,

We´ve seen everyone wearing leopard print patterns all over Instagram now, from the Réalisation skirt to kaftans for the beach. But all that is pretty summery and predictive.

Want to know what´s going to be the most instagrammable pattern next season? The color leopard print! At least that’s what Jimmy Choo thinks…, and we don´t want to tell him otherwise, do we? 

The good thing about these heels is that they are nothing like you have already, you can wear them all year long and they are now on sale! Sounds to me like the perfect time to treat yourself that special pair of shoes! ´Cause we all know that every woman must have a pair of black stilettos, a pair of nude pumps and a special pair, could that be special for its color, pattern, material or details. 

What do you think of these shoes? Do you have all three pair of shoes in your wardrobe already? 

Ya hemos visto todas las posibilidades del estampado leopardo esta temporada en Instagram, desde la falda de Réalisation hasta el kaftan para ir a la playa.

Pero el verano acabará pronto y no podremos llevar estas prendas tan predecibles hasta el próximo año.

¿Qué pasaría si te dijera que hay una nueva prensa y estampado que vas a poder llevar todo el año? Son estos preciosos zapatos de Jimmy Choo.

Todos sabemos que el perfecto armario de una mujer tiene que incluir un par de zapatos negros, un par de color nude y otro par con un toque especial, que puede ser porque el estampado sea diferente, el color o el material sean llamativos o tenga algún otro detalle que lo haga especial.

Pues bien, estos zapatos son justo ese par especial que necesitas en tu armario. Seguro que no son nada parecidos a los que ya tienes, son bastante cómodos porque se amoldan perfectamente al pie y ahora están de rebajas! No se me ocurren más razones para invertir en ese perfecto par de zapatos especial!

¿Qué os parecen los zapatos? ¿Ya tenéis los tres pares de zapatos en nuestro armario?


Hope you like it!










Shirt: Jetti 

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bag: Coccinelle